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How Divorce Takes Place.
when a couple has irreconcilable differences they might decide to divorce each other. Divorce falls on different stages the first being the separation of the two involved. The two parties must first of all live separately before any divorce claims are made. One can file for divorce from bed and board this can be due to certain factors like cheating, one of the partners becoming a burden, drug abusing, and mistreatment. Claims are made and after the reviewing of the process, the couple can be declared fully separated. Being separated does not warrant the parties involved to marry other people. One if the parties can choose to want to keep the children and file for custody and support. After the completion of the divorce an interested party can now choose to marry again. Before filing for a divorce petition the two people must have been separated for at least one year.

Contacting a lawyer to help you with the divorce process. The parties involved can use the services of a lawyer. After a year of separation, the parties involved can now freely file for the divorce petition. Either two of the parties involved or the two of them need to agree that they no longer want to be married to each other. The separation process entails the couple must live in different residence not to co-exist. When the two people get back together when still separated then separate again the period of separation begins all over again. If the two become intimate again, however, the separation period does not have to start over.

During the divorce process the couple must be living in the same country. The separated couple file for a complaint about divorce where the reasons for divorce are stated. A divorce complaint is filed stating the reasons for divorce. If one wants to have their surname back this must be included in the complaint. Information included in the complaint is the names and ages of the children, any support needed, and their citizenship. After all this the couple files for the court hearings, where both parties are notified. The court gives the parties involved one month to respond to the hearing petition divorce proceedings take place in the court in front of a judge. The couple testifies in court. If one cannot come to court a lawyer can be hired to represent them in court on their behalf. The ruling of the divorce is given by the judge. It’s different in each state, on how the judgment is carried out.
The issues that are presented in court oft vary from child custody and support to sharing of property. The two individuals, should settle these issues outside the court, but if they cant the court decides for them.

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